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C-Phrase is an innovative system for natural language querying and updates of databases. So instead of writing SQL or filling out forms, users just type their questions and updates. C-Phrase always generates a description of what it thinks the user is asking and when ambiguity or errors occur, C-Phrase uses dialogue and explanation to resolve. This opens up limitless possibilities for better data management and use (see videos). Also read our DBA, analyst and department manager use case scenarios.

C-Phrase delivers as an AMI on AWS or as a zip that you can install and run on-premises. C-Phrase interoperates with Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB and SQLite. Just link to your database, author a natural language interface, and publish!

We also offer custom contracts to help you configure C-Phrase over your database, deeply integrating C-Phrase into your product or environment. Please leave a message via our contact email and we can discuss further.

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