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Be Nimble, be Quick!

Ida is a manager who knows that valuable data is locked up in the company databases. Everyday she witnesses employees, management and customers not getting timely and effective access to all that data. Sure there are many custom dashboards and search screens, but finding the right one is tedious and frustrating. And there may in fact not be such a screen available for what the user needs. Often users make a dreaded request to the IT department to try to get custom information they need from the databases. But more often than not, they just guess or assume certain facts and continue about their business.

What if everyone, including Ida, could just type natural language questions into a single search interface and get immediate insights into what's going on? Kind of like googling the company databases, but using more specific conditions and getting back specific facts, charts or reports. This potential led Ida to try out C-Phrase. C-Phrase snapped in place over the company databases and people started accessing it through their browser. Soon everyone discovered that it was simple to get all the information they needed. They used C-Phrase to build their own customizable dashboards of relevant data for their role. Soon enough they started asking more and more advanced questions getting better and better insight and making better and better decisions. Some even started using advanced C-Phrase features to add or edit information in the databases.

Now that the company has been using C-Phrase for months. When asked, "would you like to go back to the old forms, static dashboards and data entry screens?", everyone answers "no way!". Maintaining those forms and dashboards cost a fortune and were often not useful. C-Phrase does everything those old forms and dashboards did plus whatever else people happen to ask.