Command-line Interface to C-Phrase

When you SSH into your C-Phrase EC2 Server, you should be able to launch C-Phrase from the command line. If you have installed C-Phrase on premises, you must have set the C_PHRASE_ROOT environmental variable as well as extending your PATH and PYTHONPATH environmental variables. See instructions.

Admin Server: Launching Admin Server

See these instructions for how to launch Admin Server from the command line. Note those working on an EC2 must cd into the configs directory.

c-phrase-nli: Launching individual NLIs

If want to launch an NLI from the command line instead of from Admin Server you simpy go to an individual configuration directory and launch. For example go to your configuration root and type the following:

cd geo
c-phrase-nli geo.cphrase examples.corpus
For those working on an EC2, the configuration root is ~admin/configs

c-phrase: The main utility function

There is a main callable c-phrase program that gives you a fair bit of control over running c-phrase utilities and tests. To explort this tool go to your configuration root and type:

cd geo
c-phrase geo.cphrase -help