The cascade element

The cascade element groups a set of regular expression transforms that are applied to either the user input text or the generated paraphrases. The DTD definition is:

<!ELEMENT cascade (pre|post|response)*>
<!ATTLIST cascade
          alive CDATA #IMPLIED
          description CDATA #IMPLIED>

Here is an example cascade from geo.cphrase

        <response from="governor" to="there is no information on politicians"/>
        <pre from="of the us" to=""/>
        <pre from="name the" to="what"/>
        <pre from="name all" to="what"/>
        <pre from="state the" to="what"/>
        <pre from="whats" to="what"/>
        <pre from="major cities" to="cities population over 500000"/>
        <pre from="big cities" to="cities"/>
        <pre from="rivers in" to="rivers flowing through"/>
        <pre from="river in" to="river flowing through"/>

The sub-elements of cascades of pre, post and response.