The corpus element

Here is the simple corpus within the geo configuration.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <question text="give me the cities in california"/>
    <question text="what is the population of new york"/>
    <question text="give me the largest state"/>
    <question text="give me the states that border utah"/>
    <question text="smallest city in the largest state"/>
    <question text="3 tallest Mountains in alaska"/>
    <question text="3 tallest mountains on west coast"/>

    <constants text="names of states"/>
    <constants text="names of cities"/>
    <constants text="names of rivers"/>
    <constants text="names of mountans"/>
    <constants text="names of lakes"/>
    <constants text="numbers of roads"/>
    <constants text="my cities" answer="Ann Arbor,East Lansing,New York,Los Angeles,Berekely,Austin"/>

The corpus element is always root element in a .corpus file. Its DTD-based definition is:

<!ELEMENT corpus (question|constant)*>

Within the corpus element, sub-elements represent question or constants elements.