An NLI over your Remote Database

Initial deployment in under five minutes!

First you create a configuration which associates default words and phrases with tables, views, columns, values and foreign keys of your remote database. Then you launch an NLI through which users can access your database.

The figure below illustrates this: (1) you connect to your remote database; (2) a configuration is built and saved on the file system of the C-Phrase Host; (3) you launch an NLI; (4) users ask questions over the NLI; (5) SQL is processed over the remote database.

Customize your NLI

You may need to improve the quality of your initial NLI by customizing it. In C-Phrase all customization is performed using the Admin Server. This involves using a tree editor to edit and add phrases attached to database elements and to set special properties. It may also involve changing some default global parameters to best fit performance, recall and precision tradeoffs. While you may need to specify some regular expressions and some SQL templates, there is no grammar to specify. The tool does not expect any linguistic expertise and only a basic understanding of databases. For a refresher on the critical database concepts, watch the following video.