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C-Phrase (short for 'catchphrase') is a system for natural language querying of databases. C-Phrase can be integrated with any relational database and, unlike other solutions, C-Phrase supports natural language updates. For an academic description, read this paper.

C-Phrase can deliver as an AMI on AWS or it can be downloaded and run on-premises. C-Phrase runs as a server under LINUX or Windows, uses XML for all of its configuration and uses React in the browser. A REST-based API allows C-Phrase to be integrated into existing graphical or voice interfaces.

C-Phrase fully interoperates with SQLite,PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB and Amazon Aurora.

Custom Contracts

We can help configure C-Phrase over your database, integrate C-Phrase into your product or environment, and even maintain a C-Phrase interface over your database.