C-Phrase Technologies AB

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  • C-Phrase Software Licences

    You may subscribe to C-Phrase's AMI on Amazon Web Services or you may obtain a .zip file to install and run C-Phrase on premises.

    Pricing: On AWS, after a 30-day free evaluation, $3-96/day depending on your AWS EC2 Instance size. For a .zip file, pricing is negotiable.

  • Hosting of C-Phrase Administration Servers

    We can run a private C-Phrase Server that you can access as administrator to integrate over your existing databases or over an agile database that you build on the server itself. The number of users is limited only by performance considerations. Naturally we will be not peruse or share your data.

    Pricing: $20-320/month depending on AWS Instance Size.

  • Turn-key Solutions

    Here we work closely with you and your data to build a C-Phrase interface. This is ideal for pilot projects.

    Pricing: Negotiable