C-Phrase is an innovative system for natural language querying and updates of databases. So instead of writing SQL or filling out forms, users just type their questions and updates. C-Phrase always generates a paraphrase of what it thinks the user is asking and when ambiguity or errors occur, C-Phrase uses dialogue and explanation to resolve.

C-Phrase directly interoperates with Amazon Aurora , PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB and SQLite. It can be run as a server accessed via REST that returns standard SQL or JSON slot-filler analyses of user utterances.

See our on-line documentation here.

For an academic description of C-Phrase, read this paper

Pilot Projects

We work closely with you and your data to build and deploy a C-Phrase interface.

Pricing: Negotiable

Hosting of C-Phrase Servers

We run a private Admin Server that you can access as administrator to integrate C-Phrase over your existing databases. The number of users and databases is limited only by performance considerations. Naturally we will be not peruse or share your data.

Pricing: $60-200/month depending on performance requirements.

C-Phrase Software Licences

You may subscribe to C-Phrase’s AMI on Amazon Web Services or you may obtain a .zip file to install and run C-Phrase on premises.

Pricing: On AWS, after a 15-day free evaluation, $3-96/day depending on your AWS EC2 Instance size. For a .zip file, pricing is negotiable.