C-Phrase Software Licences

You may subscribe to C-Phrase’s AMI on Amazon Web Services. In such a case you run and administer your own C-Phrase EC2 instance completely on your own. After a 15-day free evaluation, the pricing depends on the size of your EC2 instance. See pricing.

You may also obtain a .zip file to install and run C-Phrase on premises. Pricing and terms are negotiable.

Hosting of C-Phrase Servers

We can run a private Admin Server that you can access as administrator to integrate C-Phrase over your existing databases. Naturally we will be not peruse or share your data.

Pricing: Standard license and AWS EC2 charges plus an additional $60/month service fee.

Authoring Support and Pilot Projects

We work closely with you and your data to build, integrate and deploy a C-Phrase natural language interface.

Pricing: Flat hourly rate plus standard license fee.