Version 1.0.008

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An administrator is a person building or maintaining NLIs (Natural Language Interfaces) and a user is a person using them. A developer is a person developing applications that make REST calls to a running NLIs. This documentation is intended for you, the administrator and/or developer.

The C-Phrase Server is the machine that you install and run C-Phrase on. Specifically c-phrase-admin runs on the C-Phrase Server, letting you build, launch, monitor and maintain NLIs that users access via their browsers or applications making REST calls.

Quick starts

  1. Build an NLI over a remote database

Reference & details

  1. Installation on AWS (or on premises)
  2. The c-phrase-admin interface
  3. The command-line interface
  4. The .cphrase configuration format
  5. The REST-based API — to integrate C-Phrase into an external application.