Launching a Private EC2 Instance of the C-Phrase AMI

You may subscribe to the C-Phrase AMI and launch it as an EC2 instance on AWS. In this case, you have complete control over your data and do not need to take contact with us to use C-Phrase.

On our youtube channel we have a video that shows a launch of such an EC2 instance. As shown in the video, it is recommended that during EC2 launch step 3 (configure instance details) you provide the following advanced detail user-data as text:


This will run C-Phrase Admin Server at launch so you will not need to SSH into the EC2 instance to start it manually. Just be sure that your security set-up has ingress on port 9999 as well as a range of ports that you will run NLIs on (for example ports 8000-9998).

Assuming that the C-Phrase Admin Server is running, to log in, just point your browser at port 9999 of the public IP address of the EC2 instance (e.g. Note initially you must access this using http not https. Once you connect, you will be presented with a log in screen. The initial username is "admin" and the password is the id of your EC2 instance. Loging in will bring you to the Admin GUI.

Changing the administrator user name and password

If you wish to change the username/password for Admin Server, navigate to the Edit page and then click on the config.json at the top left and edit the username and password values. In the screen below, we have changed the username to "michael" and the password to "monGOOSE-123". Save this file by clicking on the red save button. After this you will need to manually restart the Admin Server via SSH.

Changing administrator name and password

Manually starting/re-starting the Admin Server via SSH

SSH login is usually accomplished via a command such as:

    ssh -i "your-key-file.pem" admin@ip-address-of-your-EC2
Once you are logged in simply type the following at the prompt:
    c-phrase-kill-all # This kills any left over processes.
You can then log out and the Admin Server will be running.

Migrating to newer versions of the C-Phrase AMI

Periodically there will be new releases of the C-Phrase AMI that include new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. To migrate to a new version, first download all of your configurations as .zip files from your old C-Phrase EC2. Then extract these .zip files onto your local file system. Now launch a new EC2 using the newer C-Phrase AMI. Once you log into the Admin GUI on this new EC2 instance, navigate to the Create page and drag your extracted directories in the "Drop configuration folder here" zone at the bottom right of the screen. This is how you will be able to migrate your configurations to newer versions of C-Phrase.